Curriculum Vitae


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PhD candidate in Economics, (exp.)                                                                                                                                    2016 - 2020
Tilburg University, the Netherlands

Research Master in Economics, summa cum laude                                                                                                         2014 - 2016
Tilburg University, the Netherlands

BSc. Economics, summa cum laude                                                                                                                                         2011 - 2014
Tilburg University, the Netherlands



University of Chicago                                                                                                                                                Fall 2018
Host: John List

University of Arizona                                                                                                                                                               Oct/Nov 2016
Host: Charles Noussair


L. Fiala and S. Suetens, Transparency and Cooperation in Repeated Dilemma Games: a Meta Study. Experimental Economics. Vol. 20(4). 755–771. 2017.

L. Fiala and C. Noussair, Charitable Giving, Emotions, and the Default Effect. Economic Inquiry. Vol. 55(4). 1792-1812. 2017.



Using Experimental Evidence to Design Optimal Notice and Takedown Process
with M. Husovec

Can You Fight Fake News with Reason? Evidence from a Field Experiment
in collaboration with the Czech Debate Society and the SCIO company
(formerly presented as Academic Debate: Improving Student Performance one Speech at a Time)

Role Models and Competitiveness: Evidence from the Field
companion paper to Can You Fight Fake News with Reason? Evidence from a Field Experiment

The Impact of a Personal Development Plan Program on Students's Skills, Performance and Behaviour. Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation
with P. Dalton, E. v.d. Heijden, and D. v. Soest



2018 - Tilburg GSS Seminar; Tilburg TILEC Seminar; LEER Conference on Education Economics; Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences; Young Economists' Meeting in Brno; University of Economics Prague; Masaryk University Brno; ESA Berlin; TIBER Symposium (poster); University of Chicago Experimental Lunch Seminar; Advances with Field Experiments Boston
2017 – Tilburg GSS Seminar; Tilburg University mEETing (2x); ENTER Jamboree London; Tilburg University Economics Seminar; ASFEE Rennes (poster)
2016 – Tilburg University mEETing; TIBER Symposium (poster); University of Economics Prague; ESA Tucson
2015 – Maastricht University Lecture Series; ASFEE Paris; Tilburg GSS Seminar
2014 – Student Research Conference Delft

2018 - ENTER Jamboree Toulouse (discussant)
2017 - The Press Talk, Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting; Science Slam Tilburg (TED-style talk)
2014 - Diplomky na Stojaka (TED-style talk)


2019                           Microeconomics 2 (CentER) (graduate), teaching assistant
2019                           Seminar Labor Economics (graduate), teaching assistant
2017 - present      BSc thesis supervisor
2017 - 2018            Microeconomics: Theory and analysis (undergraduate), teaching assistant
2015 - 2018            Microeconomics: Information economics (undergraduate), teaching assistant
2017                           Economics (summer course for high school students), lecturer
2016                           Game Theory (summer course for high school students), lecturer
2015                           Experimental Economics (summer course for high school students), lecturer

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