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May 8

On May 24th I am presenting my paper on the impact of academic debating at the University of Economics in Prague.

May 4

(be with you)

On May 5th I am presenting my paper with Martin Husovec on designing the optimal notice and takedown system at the Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences.

Apr 17

The Department of Economics just announced (unofficial) Excellent TA Awards, and I am among the winners:


Apr 16

Returned from ENTER Jamboree just in time for a four-day oTree workshop.

Apr 10

I participated in a VR/AR workshop for teachers by Lisa E. Rombout.

Mar 30

You can now follow me on Twitter. Expect research snippets with a pinch of academic humor.

Mar 13

I was awarded the Aart de Zeeuw scholarship to finance a research visit at the University of Chicago.

Mar 5

I will be presenting at the TILEC internal seminar on March 7.

Jan 22

I will be presenting at the LEER conference on education economics and attending the DANS open day on data management in March.

Jan 17

I will be presenting at the LEER conference on education economics in March.



Nov 16

I presented at the Tilburg University Science Slam (part of Night University celebrations) and placed second for an audience prize for the best talk.

Oct 1

I founded the Tilburg Behavioral Reading Group. We meet bi-weekly to discuss either 'classic' papers, or recent working papers in the field.